How we prepare it

We invite the people that never before have hired us and need to know how everything works to enjoy the gallery images and, often, you’ll have more information that will allow you to know us better.
Always, we’ll get there about 8 hours prior to serving time.
We only need electricity for refrigerators in our truck and/or trailer and where to connect a water hose. These are two very important things to have to provide the best service possible.
We will bring everything needed to prepare, cook and serve what was requested/ordered/selected from our menu.
We will bring the barbeque grills and iron crosses , which could be placed on the grass or cement . Canopies will also be provided to protect against the sun and/or rain, and tables with tablecloths to serve meat and salad like buffet type.
Not be included on our service are tables, chairs , plates, cutlery and glasses for your guests .
It is very important for you to know that we do not work under pressure! The meats and salads will be made the same day using only the very fresh products, never frozen.
As for the salads, they will be prepared during the course of the day and kept in our refrigerators until serving time.
For your protection and throughout the day, we will be using latex gloves to handle meat and salads.
When all is said and done, we will leave the place the same way we found it.
It is very important to us for you to enjoy the day by not having to worry about anything.