For years meat was the basic food for the Creole and nomadic gaucho that used a primitive form of eating and only used fire, a knife and salt (if there was any) The Argentine barbecue or Argentine grill is one of our best tourist attractions.
Our Argentine roast is more than just a simple delicacy, it’s a reunion of family and friends, a communion of humanity, the means to cultivate social relationship and the feeling of friendship that characterize us.
The roast on stake, it’s a show in itself, it’s hard not to be aware in front of such image of beef ribs, pork ribs and flank steak whole including the skin. Roasting at a simmer and with infinite patience until they become delicacies.
We assure you, that if your friends and guest are from other land they will be amazed, they will trigger the flash of their cameras and your party will be an unforgettable success.