How we serve

This gallery and video is intended to give you an idea on how this serving tradition works.

Very important for us to clarify few points .

When you hire us, we will give up to a week before, to tell us the number of guests, and up to three days before the service, to tell us, just in case the number of guests changed, to give us an exact number of guests. It is important also, to take into consideration, if your party will have DJ , bartenders, service staff , a band, etc., which they should be counted as guests unless you decide for them not to be served.

It is also very important to us the time for serving your guests. This will allow you to tell your guests on what time they should arrived for food-serving time. We suggest to invite your guest at least one to two hours before. The barbeque must be eaten at the perfect time to appreciate it to the fullest. We can only delay/postpone the barbeque for about half an hour.

As yours guest start to show up, there will be able to experience and be amazed of seeing us dressed as gauchos. That is why we always say that this catering, besides being very appetizing in meats, will also have and/or be a bit of a show. The barbeque meats, iron cross set-ups and us dressed as gauchos will impact your guests. They will started taking photos right away and certainly, we always encourage to stop by and have a chat with us. People love to ask on what they will eat.

When it gets time to serve, one of us will ring the bell. On many occasions and becoming very customary , for the host, to do this tradition and to give a quick speech to his/her guests!

The guests will form a line for the salads, then go through the table where we serve meats and meat pies and follow the table, where it will be our delicious bread and famous chimichurri!

It is important to know that we will proceed in a timely manner. People will not have to wait in long lines and allowing them be seated quickly to enjoy the food.

Most important of all, our service is all you can eat.